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Incorporation, Contract Drafting, Leasing, Employment Contracts and Business Planning

Contract Drafting and Negotiation

Whether it is a lease, an employment agreement a services or construction/renovation contract, or any other document that sets down your legal rights and obligations with another party, it is always wise to have a lawyer on your side. Why draft an agreement from scratch when someone has already put their mind to thinking about what should go in certain types of contracts and the issues that usually arise in certain matters. Proper opening remarks (called Recitals) are also helpful to ensure all parties are starting from the same presumptions. Also, there are standard ‘boiler-plate’ clauses that offer added protection to virtually all agreements, such as Notice clauses (i.e. how do you contact the other party legally if something goes wrong), jurisdiction clauses, arbitration clauses (which could save time and money) and counterparts clauses (to deal with signing issues).

In most cases, an all-in fixed price can be worked out. Additionally, contract templates can be provided for many contract types so that in the future you can just fill in the necessary information with the confidence that the remainder of the agreement is binding.

Some examples of template contracts that we can help you with are:

  1. Employment Contracts for Employers
  2. Invoices to Customers (allocating risk, penalties, payment dates/interest, return policies, etc.)
  3. Purchase Orders
  4. Construction/Renovation Contracts (you fill in scope of work, everything else is pre-defined)
  5. Ongoing Service Contract (i.e. pool contractor, landscaping, snow removal)

Please contact us, we would be pleased to discuss your contractual needs with you at no obligation.