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Commercial Leasing


Whether acting for Landlords or Tenants, Falcone|Law can help you with the drafting, negotiation and formalization of your lease. Usually, you will have a signed Offer (or Agreement to Lease) that is usually 5 or so pages and prepared by a real estate agent. We can help in the negotiation of this document, or if the deal is already firm, we can help formalize the transaction by finalizing the full lease which more fully sets out the respective rights and obligations of the parties (usually 20-30 pages).

Formalizing an Offer/Agreement to Lease is important, there are many issues that aren’t adequately set out or addressed in the Offer or issues that we can help revise and amend even after the deal is firm. Some issues a commercial leasing lawyer can help with are:

  1. TMI (Taxes, Maintenance, Insurance) – detailed lists of what is included/excluded, caps, etc.
  2. Exclusive Use Covenants
  3. Non-Disturbance Agreements (from current mortgage holders)
  4. Notice of Lease Registration (to protect interests on title)
  5. Renewal Provisions
  6. Options (Purchase, Leasing Adjacent Space, etc.)
  7. Insurance Requirements of the Landlord and the Tenant
  8. Specific Default Provisions and Remedies
  9. Title Search – to ensure the landlord is the owner

… and much more.

Please contact us if you are a landlord currently marketing your premises for lease as we can create a standard leasing template for you or if you are a tenant who has just signed (or better yet) considering signing an Offer Sheet/Agreement to Lease.