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Real Estate, Wills and Powers of Attorney, Notary Services


Incorporation and Contract Drafting, to Leasing, Employment Contracts and Business Planning

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What we do

We provide legal solutions for entrepreneurs, corporations and individuals. Our aim is to shelter our clients from harm and provide pre-emptive solutions to potential future legal complications. Whether we are helping you with buying a home or helping your business hire a new employee, our goal is the same – to be your guide and help you navigate existing or potential legal issues that arise, before they become a problem.

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Many buyers and sellers arbitrarily choose a closing date. However, the choice of closing dates requires consideration of some important issues. Here are some tips to help you make an informed decision: Fridays and ‘month-end’ are usually busiest for realtors, lawyers and financial institutions. If......

While you are waiting for the keys to your new home, here’s what’s happening behind the scenes on closing day:  If you are getting a mortgage, your lawyer will be obtaining mortgage funds from the lender to combine with your down payment. Your lawyer will......

Title or mortgage fraud comes in varying forms, but usually involves a fraudster committing identity theft and transferring title to your home or placing a fraudulent mortgage on your home and disappearing with the proceeds. Your home is even more attractive to fraudsters if you......


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