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Title Fraud And Title Insurance


Title Fraud And Title Insurance

For many, this time of year is the season of giving; unfortunately, for fraudsters, it is the season of taking away. Fraud attempts tend to increase around the holidays when banks are closed or under-staffed.

Title fraud usually involves someone stealing your identity or using a forged power of attorney to place a mortgage or line of credit on your home and then absconding with the proceeds. The fraud may not come to your attention for a while until you receive demand notices from the bank or worse, the bank begins foreclosure or power of sale proceedings.

If you purchased your home in the late nineties or after that, your lawyer may have obtained a policy for you. For those with older homes an existing homeowner policy is available for a one-time premium with no renewal fees or further obligation.

Please contact FalconeLaw if you would like a free quote for an existing homeowner policy.